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Web Site Hosting - Resellers

If you have a lot of clients who need web hosting, or simply want to earn some extra money, you may want to consider reselling our hosting services. We offer up to 25% commission on the initial order - one of the highest rates in the industry!

If you already have a client base - for example, if you're a web developer, then the reseller program allows you to offer a complete package to your clients.

How does it work?

It's easy! When you become a reseller, we keep your details on file. You or your clients can then put hosting applications in just as you normally would. To receive credit for the application, you simply notify us via email, either before the application is submitted, or immediately after (within 24 hours). Please note that this is not an "affiliate program" where you just place a link on your website - we provide no automated tracking.

How much do we get?

We offer up to 25% of the initial sale amount on hosting packages. We do not offer commision on the recurring amounts for web hosting - so the more your clients sign up for initially, the higher your commission. Please note that commision is payed on the hosting portion only - and not on domain registration. The table below provides details of commisions:

Web Hosting Reseller Commissions
1st hosting account None
2nd - 4th hosting accounts 15% of initial order
5th hosting account onwards 25% of initial order

Do I have to maintain a certain number of orders?

No - you don't have to sell all orders in a single month to earn a commision. So, even if you only sell one package every month, by the time you sell your 5th, you'll receive 25% commision.

How do I get paid?

We send cheques out at the end of every month - or, if you prefer, we can have the amount credited to your own hosting account.

How do I join?

If you are an existing hosting client or domain registration client, then we already have your details on file - and you simply need to send us an email requesting to be added to the reseller program.

If you are not an existing customer, or your reseller details are different to what we have on file, then you need to provide these details to us before we can send you any commission. For full details, please contact us at: hosting@dcwebhosting.co.uk