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Website re-design

Do you already have a website, but aren't happy with it for some reason?  We can help you with everything from improving the look and feel of your site to adding extra functionality.  You may want the ability to update your site yourself. Or maybe you'd like your customers to sign up for a newsletter. See below for ideas on how we can improve your website.

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If you've been in business for a while, you'll know that it's more important to keep existing customers than just gaining new ones all the time. We can make it easy for you to keep these loyal customers. We'll design web pages that will let you create a database of your customers so that you can send them regular newsletters.Your newsletter can contain information on the latest specials or product releases.  In effect, your newsletter will be a regular, low-cost form of advertising that people will want to read.  Make it interesting and useful enough, and your customers will be looking forward to every new edition.


New media and marketing

Screen savers, Flash games and e-greeting cards branded with your company's logo will re-inforce your professional image and maintain the importance of your identity in your customers' minds.  "New media" appeals to the senses of sight and sound.  Add animation and interactivity, and you've got your customers (or prospective customers) totally involved in your company and its offerings.  Whether you want to show people that you are at the cutting edge of your industry or give them warm, fuzzy feelings that they'll remember you by, DC Web Hosting will find the right approach to create positive and lasting impressions. 


Content Management Systems

Are you forking out large sums of money to make minor updates to your web site? DC Web Hosting can design or redesign your web site so that you'll be able to update it yourself. We can set up a Content Management System so that you can login to a password-protected page and update text and images on your website.  That way, you'll never have to pay a web designer to make minor changes to your site again. Once set up, making changes to the contents of your site will be as easy as surfing the net and sending emails.