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Complete Solution Providers

There are many options available for hosting your website, ranging from simple "domain parking" or email services through to a full scale e-commerce hosting service with real-time transactions! Webcity caters for all these options and provides a fast, reliable service with the added extras you need for a succesful web site. Some of our key features are listed to the right, but for more specific details on the options available to you, keep reading. View Pricing Details

      Key Hosting Features:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • high speed connection to internet backbone
  • dedicated, high speed servers
  • CGI/Perl, PHP, MySQL and SSL access
  • graphical site statistics reporting
  • regular backups
  • direct FTP access
  • full e-mail handling included

Standard Hosting

Standard hosting includes a simple web address, such as www.yourname.co.uk and email handling for your domain, eg. you@yourdomain.co.uk

Multiple Hostname/Sub-domain hosting

Sometimes you have a variety of services you want to offer under the one domain name - or, you may want to represent seperate divisions within your company. With multiple hostnames, you can have web addresses like norwich.yourdomain.co.uk and london.yourdomain.co.uk... the first part of the address (normally "www") can be whatever you like!  Sub-domain hosting is similar, but instead of simply being a new hostname, the new address behaves like any another domain... this can save you alot of money in domain registration.  For more information on this option, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@dcwebhosting.co.uk

Advertising Programs/Solutions

To attract visitors to your site, we can assist with advertising - either advertising your site to others, or accepting ads on your site. We can also help your site to achieve a high ranking in the most popular search engines!

Customised Web Store Options

In addition to providing DIY webstore services through Digital Connections , we can also provide services for custom-designed web stores. In addition, we can implement live credit card processing - and even help you setup a merchant account if you don't already have one.  Please contact us for more information on details and pricing.

Local Search engines

We can enable people to search your site for specific material. This can be a very useful service for visitors - and could mean extra business for you in the long run

Database Services/Applications

By integrating your website with a database, you can provide more dynamic information to your visitors.  This can also be useful for delivering services over the web, for example web stores
For more information
For more information, drop us an email at info@dcwebhosting.co.uk, or if you want pricing details for one of our more standard hosting packages, then click here.