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Why choose DC Web Hosting for domains?

If you're wanting to register a domain name, you'll be confronted with a lot of choices. These include choosing the right name, the right domain type and (of course) the right domain registrar. Not all domain suppliers are the same - and selecting the right one can make a big difference. Here are some features you should look for - all of which are provided by DC Web Hosting:

  • Instant domain name registration
    When you register a domain name, you want results quickly. Not only because you want to start using your domain as soon as possible - but also because every second delay in registration gives someone else the chance to register the domain name before you! DC Web Hosting offers instant domain name registration, so you can get on with more important things.

  • Intelligent domain searching
    Choosing a domain name can sometimes be difficult - especially if you have a generic product or service. DC Web Hosting makes choosing the right domain name a little easier with its unique domain search tool. Even if the domain you want is already taken, our search tool will suggest many similar (and available) domain names. Use the search tool at the top of this page to see for yourself!

  • Bulk domain name registration
    There are many advantages to registering multiple domain names. DC Web Hosting not only makes it easy to register multiple domains in a single order, but we provide financial incentives to do so!

    Many domain service providers - especially in the UK - only let you register one domain name at a time, forcing you to fill out the same registration forms over and over. Our domain shopping cart allows you to register many domains at once - meaning you don't have to continually re-enter your details. Combine this feature with our intelligent domain searching and bulk registrations have never been easier.

  • Premium URL forwarding
    With Premium URL forwarding, you can have your domain name diverted to an existing website - saving considerable money on domain hosting costs (for example, you could have your domain redirected to a free geocities account).

  • Mail and hosting services available
    In addition to providing domain registration services, DC Web Hosting has been in the mail and web hosting industry for a long time, and can offer superior service in this area - along with our automated control panels and strong customer service focus.
  • Customer service focus
    Many domain registration companies have difficulty in this area. You phone: they don't answer, you email a query: they take a week to respond - if they respond at all. DC Web Hosting domains is committed to providing first class customer service. Our email support queues have a fast turnaround time and our phone support operators are always ready to help

  • Cheap, affordable domain registration
    Best of all, these features are offered much cheaper than most domain registrars. Don't pay too much for your domain name - buy from DC Web Hosting domains and get great service at an excellent price